The Blanket Ladder

This has been a project that Hannah’s wanted me to do for awhile, based on the plans for the $10 Wooden Blanket Ladder. Simple, but a great addition!

Lessons Learned

– Knew this already, but it’s always a good reminder; wood is flexible! If it isn’t lining up before you drill it together, try putting a little muscle into the wood. It just might end up right where you want it.

– When sanding a project, it’s usually good to sand after putting the pieces together, but not always. Every project is unique, so take your time in the planning process, even if it’s simple.


The Cabinet Upcycle

Our first project for the blog! We have a couple more that we’re still in progress on, but until we get to those, here’s a little taste of what we’re excited to do!

Lessons Learned

Given this was our first upcycle together, we definitely learned a few new things.

– When adding trim, make sure your brad nails are longer than your trim is thick if you decide to use that method to attach them (…duh).

– When painting over particle board laminate, two coats of gripper primer and two coats of paint make for a pretty solid, smooth finish.

– When painting inside furniture, start with the corners and details. The finish tends to come out a little more smooth and blended.